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About us

MD REALTY COMPANY LIMITED has grown consistently throughout the years to become the leading luxury residential service provider in China and now expanding strongly in Viet Nam. We have built a value chain from market survey, sell residential project, leasing, relocation and property management services. 

With well-trained foreign employees and local professional property consultants have provided multilingual services to provide a relaxed and efficient home-making service for clients. At the same time, MD REALTY COMPANY LIMITED's huge property database also provides the most extensive choice for tenants to find the most ideal and comfortable housing.



History & Development

MD REALTY COMPANY LIMITED is established with head-quater in Shanghai and expanding branches situated in the biggest cities of Viet Nam including Ho Chi Minh & Ha Noi. MD REALTY COMPANY LIMITED is heading towards to become the most comprehensive, trusted and top-of-mind real estate service provider in Vietnam


Mission, Vision and Values


To be Vietnam’s top real estate agency in leasing and sales while becoming the best partner for global relocation companies


Utilize our relocation knowledge to achieve the highest standard of customer service and to provide them product quality, service care and innovation


Integrity, Commitment to excellence, Customer orientation, Team work, Innovation, Appreciation

Why MDVNRealty


Renting apartment in HCMC

You will find there are many options for renting in Ho Chi Minh City , studios, 1to 4 bedroom apartment, penthouse, service apartment and villas. MD REALTY CO., LTD can assist you in finding the best location and apartment in the city. Since September 2018 MD REALTY CO., LTD has officially opens their branch in HCMC, Vietnam to help you find the best investment opportunity as well as the best place to live along side the best service.

What you must have in mind when renting?

Usually you will have to sign a contract for the time you plan to stay , normally 6 months is the shortest periods of time for you to rent. Deposit asked is in most cases 1 or 2 months’ worth, have in mind you must inform your police of your whereabouts , landlords, desk office or MD REALTY CO., LTD can help you do the proper process and avoid penalties.

What are the most popular expats areas?

HCMC is divided in several district all characterized for different communities and activities to do there. Districts 2, 4,7 and binh thanh are well know for having great apartments and expats communities living in there. D7 is mostly for Asian expats (Korean, Japanese, etc ) while D2 is frequently for European and other western groups, finally 4 and binh thanh are near the CBD and D1 , this attracts all types of groups that want work near this areas.

What are the average prices for apartments?

Districts that manage local communities has the lowest prices but in the expats districts you can find 1 bedroom apartment between $500 USD to $850 USD, depends of the layout , design and amenities. Apartments are design mostly for expats with tall roofs, good lighting and nice views.

Near expiration of contract what should I do ?

MD REALTY CO., LTD will be involved in your process at the beginning, middle and end of your stay. And giving apartment back to landlord is a simple process , we will take pictures and make sure the apartment is in the same conditions as when delivered making sure the deposit is returned to you.

How do I pay my rent ?

Different landlords have different payment methods, cash or bank transfer is always a possibility ( WeChat transfer is not a common payment method).

Can I change decoration ?

Any changes you wish to do to the apartment must be run by the Landlords first.

Do I need a work permit to rent?

Copies of your visa and passport are usually what the landlord asks for when signing the contract, nothing else is required.

How are utilities charged?

The utilities in the expats districts variates between $30 to $50 USD (for 1 Bedroom Apartments). Electricity and water are usually excluded from services. You can receive them in front desk, email or what ever means you prefer , paying them is easy most of convenient stores and lobby office can manage this process for you.

Can I sub-lease the Unit?

Airbnb is a common practice in Vietnam, if you’re going to sub-lease or have Airbnb is recommended to inform your landlord.

How about internet speed?

Most apartments come with this service included make sure your landlord informs you details of this service, if you want to change it contact landlord. In most occasions you put the internet provider you want and manage the details yourself. Internet in HCMC is very reliable but like in rush hours can be a little slow.

Is there a fee I need to pay for MD REALTY CO., LTD's service for finding my home?

Landlord pays the commission to MD REALTY CO., LTD, the price is 1 month rent per Year contract.

Can I influence rental price?

Have in mind HCMC is a very populated area with a big demand and offer for renting apartments, never the less negotiation can always be done . MD REALTY CO., LTD focus in obtaining win -win negotiations for landlords and tenants.

Can I get shorter lease contract than 12 months?

MD REALTY CO., LTD has a wide range of housing possibilities for you , service apartments are common for days, weeks and months. Apartments can be rented for 3 or six month MD REALTY CO., LTD will assist in this process.

What happens if I breach my lease before it’s expiry date?

Normally the a 2 months deposit fee will be charge, for most occasion this just means you will lose your deposit. Have in mind MD REALTY CO., LTD can assist you and negotiate , many landlords wont see a problem if another tenant decides to rent the remaining time under the same conditions.

How much must I pay upfront when signing a lease?

Most landlords will ask for 1 month payment and two month deposit , this is entirely up to the owner of the apartment, so negotiation is possible.

If I have any problems, who do I contact?

If any maintenance problems occur with the property , electrical, heating problems or any other usually building management will take care of it, regarding any problems or issued with appliances needing replaced, the Landlord or your MD REALTY CO., LTD consultant will assist to resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

Are most apartments furnished in HCMC?

Yes, in the majority of cases apartments are fully furnished.

In what currency do I pay my rent?

This is also negotiable with the landlord, transfer to his account can change the currency. It is possible to agree on currency normally dollars and Vietnam dongs are used.

What should I be aware off when looking for rent in HCMC websites and post?

First you must be in the look out is if prices include electric and water services, most don’t . second be aware of your parking needs, many apartments don’t offer this service or you might have to pay an extra fee for that. Finally be aware who is assisting you there are many freelance agents on social media, a company like MD REALTY CO., LTD is a more trust worthy and reliable option for you.

What can influence rental price?

Prices can variate according to District (near CBD area prices are higher), also landlord, property conditions, floor level, layout and decoration are a factor to consider.