The Sola Park by MIK Group

The Sola Park by MIK Group

The Sola Park by MIK Group

The Sola Park by MIK Group

The Sola Park by MIK Group


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The Sola Park

The Sola Park by MIK Group

$ 2.800-3.000/m2

Handover 2026
Developer MIK Group
Size 32-76 m2
Bedrooms 1-3brs
Ward Dai Mo
District Nam Tu Liem
Property ID TSP

Eagle Di

(+86) 13818530923


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Compound Facilities

BBQ Area
Shopping Mall
Management Office
CCTV Cameras
24/7 Security
Convenience Store
Children Playroom
Swimming Pool

Compound Information

The Sola Park is a newly launched project by MIK Group, situated within the Vinhomes Smart City complex in Hanoi, Vietnam. Here are the key details and highlights of The Sola Park:


  • Vinhomes Smart City: The Sola Park is located within the larger Vinhomes Smart City complex, which is known for its modern, integrated urban environment.
  • Hanoi, Vietnam: Positioned in a prime area in the capital city, offering excellent connectivity and accessibility to various parts of Hanoi.

Project Features

  • Developer: MIK Group, a renowned real estate developer known for high-quality residential and commercial projects.
  • Smart City Integration: As part of the Vinhomes Smart City, The Sola Park benefits from the overarching smart city infrastructure, which includes smart technology integration, sustainable living practices, and modern urban planning.

Residential Offerings

  • Apartments: The project features a range of apartment options designed to cater to various needs and preferences, from single professionals to larger families.
  • Modern Amenities: Residents have access to state-of-the-art amenities, such as swimming pools, fitness centers, communal gardens, children's playgrounds, and sports facilities.

Smart Features

  • Smart Home Technology: Apartments are equipped with smart home systems, allowing residents to control various aspects of their home environment through digital devices.
  • Sustainable Living: Emphasis on green spaces, energy-efficient systems, and sustainable building practices to promote an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Community and Lifestyle

  • Comprehensive Facilities: The Sola Park offers a well-rounded living experience with facilities that include shopping centers, schools, healthcare services, and entertainment options within close proximity.
  • Green Spaces: The development includes ample green spaces and parks, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle for its residents.


  • Transportation: Excellent connectivity to major roads, public transportation, and essential services, making commuting and traveling convenient for residents.
  • Proximity to Key Areas: Strategic location within Hanoi ensures easy access to business districts, cultural sites, and recreational areas.

Investment Potential

  • Real Estate Value: Given its location within the Vinhomes Smart City and the reputation of MIK Group, The Sola Park is expected to be a lucrative investment opportunity with potential for property value appreciation.
  • Demand: High demand for modern, smart living spaces in Hanoi is likely to drive interest and investment in The Sola Park.
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Facilities Nearby

Shopping Mall
International Hospital
International School


1-4brs 0m²
1-4brs 0m²
1-4brs 0m²
1-4brs 0m²


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