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Sunshine Venicia

$ 591.420/m2

Size m2
Bedrooms 3brs
Property ID -011

Jorge Parra

+84 938647369


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Property Overview

Deep within the ego is the desire to conquer the true beauty and goodness, to find a place that affirms its exquisite, elegant, trendy and luxurious mark.

Located on the banks of the Saigon River with a prime location in Thu Thiem, Venicia is the perfect harmony of contemporary liberal architecture and Renaissance nobility.

Sunshine Venicia is existing by sky villas - airy villas bearing the trend of modern life shaped by elegant Italian lifestyle through interiors and high-class resort facilities.

Sunshine Venicia creates emotional apartments by pioneering the application of Sunshine 4.0 technology - a special privilege affirming the quality of life.

Inspired by the quintessence of the coastal city of Venice and the modern theater of Parco della Musica Auditorium in Rome by Pritzker, Renzo Piano, Sunshine Venicia architect is a combination of modern and traditional. Giving the future residents a tech lifestyle but still "Italiano".


Understanding the difference and breakthrough thinking will create lasting beauty, each real estate project developed by Sunshine Homes strives to bring an entirely new, powerful and impressive energy source. We are proud to have been and will contribute significantly to changing the appearance of Vietnamese cities, raising the value of Vietnamese living uplifting and deepening into the global value chain.

By endless inspiration in the process of creating works worthy of architectural masterpieces. Sunshine Homes brings the perfect space count and the top of the system utilities and services combined with the Sunshine ecosystem imprinted with the latest technology. Certainly, the Sunshine Homes collection will bring the most unique and impressive experiences to every honorable guest.

Sunshine Homes' projects provide a unique, tailored "shoe-making" system for elite owners who value their self-worth and want to enjoy the quintessential features of all moment of life. Inheriting the philosophy of exclusive living from the investor, each gadget is a separate story, each arrangement is a scientific problem ... setting a new threshold of personal brand value.


Location Sunshine Venicia, Road 39, Binh An, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, opposite of Vinhomes Central Park & ​​Sunwah Pearl project. Adjacent to the large Thu Thiem urban area (subdivision 2A). Specifically, the project is adjacent to Luong Dinh Cua Street to the Northeast, in the heart of District 2, just 1km from Thu Thiem financial center.

* Information on the website can be used for reference only. Please note due to the high turnover in the housing market, the availability of the property will need to be confirmed by the landlord

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