Why You Should Live In Diamond Island , District 2

Why You Should Live In Diamond Island , District 2

Why You Should Live In Diamond Island , District 2

Why You Should Live In Diamond Island , District 2

Why You Should Live In Diamond Island , District 2
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Why You Should Live In Diamond Island , District 2


Diamond Island Project in District 2 is the place to live in HCMC. Diamond Island is surrounded by the Saigon River and green vegetation. Right from the time the project was first announced, Diamond Island  quickly becomed a prominent name in the property agent in Ho Chi Minh City.




Diamond Island by Kusto Home (belonging to Kusto Group) and signed with Coteccons as the project contractor,  is a place that brings a luxurious, fresh, and ideal living environment for all generations in the family. With a riverside location, Diamond Island Apartments are surrounded by  Saigon River whcih creates a fully private space  and an authentic resort-style atmosphere..

With a total area of 70,944.6m2, the construction density of the whole area is only about 13.5%, the remaining 86.5% is for green areas and public areas. 

Diamond Island scale consists of 6 towers, which are Brilliant, Hawaii, Bora Bora, Canary, Bahamas, and Maldives, each building has an average height of 25 to 29 floors. 




Diamond Island has a prime location, it is located between the two most important areas of District 2, the Thu Thiem urban area and the District 2 Administrative Center. From Diamond Island, you can travel by boat  or by road through Mai Chi Tho Avenue to District 1. 




Wisdomland International Presschool in Diamond Island

Kusto Home is one of the investors who initiated the trend of "Living in the middle of nature", so the Diamond Island project has the perfect combination of international standard green ratio and high-class utility clusters. Each apartment in the 6 towers ranges from 45.28 to 135.6m2 on average, the structure includes 1-4 bedroom. In addition, the project also develops types such as twin key apartments, penthouses, Garden Villa, Pool Villa, and Sky Villa.



The following are the internal facilities in Diamond Island

- Entertainment and entertainment complex to develop children's thinking such as Sailor Park, Sun Library, Music and Arts Academy, Astronomical Castle, Children's Swimming Pool and Sports Area for each age group, etc.

Children's Swimming Pool



Swimming pool, Observatory floor, Sun Library, Music Academy.

- Adult facilities such as Meditation Garden, Spa and Beauty Care area, Fitness, Water Pool, Sports area with tennis court, badminton court, basketball, etc.

Fitness & Yoga Diamond Island



By the pool, there are many rows of extremely relaxing chairs, with a 5-star resort-style

- Walking paths along the river banks allow residents to relax after a tiring day, sip a cup of coffee early in the morning, and especially experience the "country" atmosphere in the heart of the city.

Living space filled with fresh air




  1. Unique location in Saigon when surrounded on 3 sides by the Saigon River.
  2. Prestigious investor Kusto Home is a real estate company under the Kusto Group, headquartered in Singapore. Kusto is the largest shareholder of Coteccons.
  3. The leading Coteccons construction contractor in Vietnam
  4. Convenient location, prime location to easily move to the city center.
  5. Great living environment close to nature
  6. 5-star standard facilities.
  7. Diamond Island is managed by JLL, which specializes in high-end apartment management



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