Tips to indentify a bad property agent in ho chi minh

Tips to indentify a bad property agent in ho chi minh

Tips to indentify a bad property agent in ho chi minh

Tips to indentify a bad property agent in ho chi minh

Tips to indentify a bad property agent in ho chi minh
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Tips to indentify a bad property agent in ho chi minh


Choosing a property agent in the Vietnamese real estate sector will help the clients save a lot of time, energy, and sometimes even save a fair amount of money. But among many real estate brokers, how to know which one can bring benefits to you, or who is only interested in their personal interests. As a top property agent in Vietnam, we pride ourselves in offering our customers an ELITE and never-ending client care and customer service experience.

In this article we will list some red-flags that can help you identify a bad property agent:



Communication problem

A good real estate agent will keep you up to date with the progress of your purchase or sale, whether it's via text message, email, or phone call. When you contact them with a request, they will get back to you within a few hours . A bad real estate agent will not try to get in touch with you quickly and effectively.

Do not ask you about your goals and plans

When you ask for rent/buy an apartment, a good property agent will take care of your needs, and they will find and offer you many options based on your requirements and your long/short-term goals. Conversely, a bad broker will try to persuade you to rent/buy properties they are selling or renting ASAP and are most likely to see you as another “paycheck”. To ensure closing the deal quick, a bad property agent might leave out some important details about the property that should influence on the decision making.

Not knowledgeable about that area

If you are dealing with a poorly qualified property agent in Vietnam, they will most likely not be familiar with area surrounding the property. As we all know, a property's location is probably its major attribute and being familiar with the surroundings is a “must” for any decent broker in the business.

Knowing about the surrounding doesn't necessarily means just being familiar with the shops or schools around you, it also means knowing the future government planning for the area (infrastructural improvements) that could lead to a significant increase of property value over a certain period of time.

Bad-mouth other agents

When you find a new property agent, what you want to hear is what value they can bring to you, what they can do to help you, and how can you benefit from their knowledge, however some property agents try to persuade you into working with them by badmouthing about their competitors. This behavior can be seen as a sign of “desperation” coming from an unsuccessful property agent. Be aware of this important red flag!



Negotiation skills

One of the main roles of the real estate agent is to negotiate on your behalf. If you are buying an investment property and the agent is a poor negotiator, you may have to pay a higher price.

Do not want to build a long-term relationship

A good property agent will want to work with you for a long time and hope to be introduced by you for the next client. If they only want to work with you once and then it is best to stay away from them, maybe they are looking to make a big deal and will never contact you again. They may not answer your phone after the transaction is successful. They do not want to help you out simply because they have received enough. They do not want to spend extra energy to help you more.

Put pressure on the clients

Although you want an agent to guide you through the real estate investment process, be wary of anyone who puts pressure on you. A bad real estate agent will force you to buy a particular investment property for sale to another or force you to accept an offer that you are dissatisfied with.


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