The Palace Residence District 2

The Palace Residence District 2

The Palace Residence District 2

The Palace Residence District 2

The Palace Residence District 2
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The Palace Residence District 2



Location: Mai Chi Tho, An Phu Ward, District 2

Investor: Novaland

Scale: 2.45 ha including 6 apartment blocks and 2 Office blocks

Building density: 28%

Number of basements: 2 common tunnels to all blocks

Number of floors: 35 floors

Number of apartments: 1820 apartments

Delivery time: 2/2022

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At The Palace Residence, location is the first mentioned strength. At present, the East Saigon area, especially District 2, is mentioned as the focus of investment and development of strong transport infrastructure.

Located at the golden intersection between two arterial roads in District 2, Mai Chi Tho and Hanoi Highway, The Palace Residence Novaland connects quickly and conveniently to the busiest areas of the City:

 The Palace Residence -> Thao Dien District 2: Opposite via Hanoi Highway 3 minutes
The Palace Residence -> Binh Thanh: 5 minutes via Hanoi Highway and passing Saigon Bridge
The Palace Residence -> Thu Duc, District9: 5 minutes via Hanoi Highway passing Rach Chiec Bridge
The Palace Residence -> Thu Thiem: 7 minutes via Mai Chi Tho
The Palace Residence -> Long Thanh Dau Giay Expressway: 3 minutes through Mai Chi Tho, right at An Phu intersection
The Palace Residence -> District 1: 10 minutes through Mai Chi Tho and through Thu Thiem Tunnel
CONNECTING BURGER URBAN AREA: The Palaca Residence is fortunate to be located adjacent to the busiest urban areas in District 2 such as An Phu, Thao Dien, Nam Rach Chiec, Thanh My Loi and Thu Thiem in District 2. Potential to increase the value of real estate in the area

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It is not difficult to access the high-class external service facilities from shopping, dining, entertainment, study and health care, etc. For The Palace Residence Q2, everything is within reach:

Trade, services and entertainment within a radius of 1km: Estella Mall, Big C, Mega Market, Vincom Mega Mall

Education: British, American, Australian, Canadian, ..

Healthcare: District 2 Hospital, Vinmec Hospital,..

Sports: Rach Chiec Sports Area (future)

Public transport: Metro stop No.7 of the Ben Thanh - Suoi Tien metro line

CIVILIZED COMMUNITY: The Palace Residence project located in the City Horse area is a large-scale urban area, methodically focusing on large and high-class projects such as: Lexington, Imperia An Phu, Estella, Estella Height , Caltavil, Cantavil Permire,... Ramian City, Along with other residential areas in Thao Dien, Nam Rach Cai form a civilized residential area with a high standard of living and class level,...

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With the desire to create a high-class project and a fresh living environment for residents right in the busiest urban area in District 2, Novaland investor spends up to 60% of the area for fresh green space and building a convenient complex. variety of benefits for the daily needs of the people of The Palace Residence District 2.

On the motto of excess and further development, maintaining the criteria that make up Novaland's brand, the investor creates a sophisticated and luxurious utility ecosystem in every detail, exclusively served for high-class homeowners. Grants and privileges not reserved for the majority:
+ 5-star standard overflow swimming pool in resort style 1100 m 2
+ Gym system, Sauna, Massage ...
+ Sports area, outdoor walking area
+ Green campus, landscape, lake
+ Outdoor BBQ area
+ Kindergarten, children's play area, polyclinic ...
+ Trade centers, restaurants, cafes, convenience stores, pharmacies, service shops serving residents...


►The Palace Residence Novaland project will be designed with many types of 2-bedroom apartments 72-80m2, 3-bedroom apartments 108-113m2, suitable for many needs and uses of customers.
►The Palace Residence office-commercial-service apartment complex has a scale of 1820 apartments in 8 buildings divided into 2 areas: The apartment complex consists of 6 blocks of 35 floors and 2 basements through buildings, facing the street frontage. Song Hanh, the office area consists of 2 blocks facing the front of Mai Chi Tho street.


Simple but elegant, modern but timeless, global but still bold with local quintessence, The Palace Residence is proud to become the new symbol of District 2 in the future. The apartments here bring classic charm mixed with modern breath, creating an inspiring art masterpiece in the heart of Saigon.

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dự án palace residence quận 2

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