The Nine Tower No.9 Pham Van Dong - Hanoi

The Nine Tower No.9 Pham Van Dong - Hanoi

The Nine Tower No.9 Pham Van Dong - Hanoi

The Nine Tower No.9 Pham Van Dong - Hanoi

The Nine Tower No.9 Pham Van Dong - Hanoi
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The Nine Tower No.9 Pham Van Dong - Hanoi



Location: No 9 Phạm Văn Đồng, Cầu Giấy, Hà Nội
Developer: Cty CP Đầu tư Bất động sản Toàn Cầu (GP.Invest)
Design Inspiration: Morrison Architects, PLLC (USA)
Design company: Cty CP Kiến trúc xây dựng TTA – Partners
Underground construction contractor: Cty CP Kỹ thuật xây dựng và đầu tư Everest
Underground supervision contractor: Cty CP Tư vấn công nghệ, thiết bị và kiểm định xây dựng – Coninco
Land area: 5.190 m2
Building density: 49.8%
Construction size: 1 tower 30 floors, 3 basements, 1-6th floor is shopping mall and officetel, 7-30th floor are apartments with total , diện tích: 75-163m2 (2-3 bedroom)
Expected handover: Quater 1/ 2022

The Nine - A priceless location lies at the north-west strategical gateway of the capital

In real estate, projects having a well-connected location with lots of surrounded big infrastructure is one of the deciding conditions that brings a convenient life, and simultaneously helps to increase property value. That's also why upon its opening, The Nine project has received attention from not only private buyers but also investors. 

The Nine project lies in an area with outstanding development potential, not hindered by skyscrapers

Reap benefits from key constructions that are about to "reach the finish line "

Recent transport facility developments make real estate in the capital North West all the more enchanting. The biggest motivation must be the infrastructure slam dunk Ring Road No.3 ( Mai Dich - South Thang Long Section ) with inauguration ceremony expected before 10/10/2020 ( the 66th Anniversary of the Capital Liberation ).

The project was opened for sale on the inauguration of Ring Road 3 (10/10/2020)

The road has a total length of more than 5.3 km, designed with 4 lanes according to expressway standards and 2 emergency stop lanes, 2 safety strips inside, median strip, ... to ensure the vehicle runs with speed of 100km/h. After the route is opened, the connection with Noi Bai airport, North Thang Long and the northwestern provinces of the capital will become easier.

In particular, this section of the road will connect with the Ring Road 3 on the elevated highway, the section which had already been put into operation, and complete the closed ring road so that vehicles can quickly connect to the southern area of ​​Hanoi as well as Thanh Tri, National Highway 5, National Highway 1A  

Paralleling the elevated Ring Road 3, Mai Dich - South Thang Long section, the project to renovate and expand Pham Van Dong road from Mai Dich to Hoa Binh Park is also implemented. The route has a length of 3.14km and a cross section of about 68m, after being put into operation will help to reduce traffic pressure for the area, providing a modern appearance for residents living along the two sides of the route.

This extended road is also located in the intersection with the extended Hoang Quoc Viet route. According to the plan, the extended Hoang Quoc Viet street belongs to the radial axis of West Lake - Ba Vi with a length of more than 12km after completion will contribute to shortening the distance from the city center to the western part of the capital and vice versa.

In addition to the renovated Pham Van Dong road, Xuan Thuy Metro Station which belongs to Metro Nhon - Hanoi Station route has basically been completed and ready to go into operation. It is also a highlight of transportation infrastructure in the Northwest of the capital. The metro line will help to solve traffic congestion, increase transport choices for the community. In many countries around the world, urban railway lines coming into operation helps people move much more quickly, easily and economically. At the same time, the previously stated routes will raise the prices of neighboring real estate projects up to 30-35%.

Signals about the completion of key traffic works in the Northwest of Hanoi are creating a lever for real estate in this area to break through, promoting the formation of new synchronous projects, and contributing to change market appearance. Along with the orientation of moving to the Northwest of the capital, recently a series of large urban areas along the two sides of National Highway 32, a number of projects along the axis of Pham Van Dong, etc. have started and quickly established a new price level. This contributes to the excitement of real estate in the West of Hanoi in general and the Northwest in particular, attracting customers as well as investors.

The Nine - a gold location amid the major roads

Located at 9 Pham Van Dong, the intersection of Pham Van Dong and Doan Ke Thien streets, The Nine is estimated to possess a potential location with a comprehensive transport infrastructure system. The project is located in an area that is synchronously planned and connected to many important traffic routes such as Pham Van Dong Street, Ring Road 3, Metro railway line. Furthermore, it is convenient to transfer to Noi Bai airport, Hanoi industrial zones and neighboring provinces from The Nine.

The Nine project owns a corner adjacent to Pham Van Dong - Doan Ke Thien Street.

Thanks to the top-level transportation system, residents of The Nine not only easily connect to the inner city districts through Xuan Thuy, Hoang Quoc Viet axis but also Ring Road 3 to the South of the city, Thang Long Avenue, North Thang Long as well as Highway 32 to travel to every direction and province. This is also an essential factor for increasing the land rent in the future.

Furthermore, within a radius of 2km from the project location are a series of utilities such as Vietnam - Australia International School, My Dinh Stadium, Hospital 198, Hospital E, etc. It only takes residents 10 minutes to access major schools with prestigious educational quality such as National University, University of Languages and International Studies, Hanoi University of Education, Academy of Journalism and Communication, Nguyen Tat Thanh High School, Foreign Language Specialized High School, etc. Along with that is a system of high-class shopping centers such as Indochina Plaza, Metro Thang Long, The Garden, Vincom Center, etc.

Up to this point, headquarters of important ministries and branches have also been transferred to the West such as the headquarters of the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. Large enterprises and multinational corporations will also be transferred to this area. Therefore, The Nine benefits from the new administrative center and The Nine residents are assured as residence security is strengthened thanks to the area involving a lot of government activities.

Another advantage coming from The Nine's expensive location is the potential of promising rental. In the past few years, the West of the Capital has always been the favorite place to live and work for foreign experts and businessmen. These are fastidious customers who are willing to spend a large sum of money for a high-quality apartment. 

According to CBRE's report on the real estate market in Hanoi, the West of the capital with the advantage of location has become the region with the highest rate of rental return. At times, this figure was up to 5.7% compared with the general average of 5% in Hanoi. Therefore, at The Nine, customers can fully exploit the advantages of renting to gain stable profits.

With the rapid construction progress, the project is drawing attention from the real estate market in the West of the Capital.

A good location and an easy connection not only ensure that project buyers can easily rent out, but also benefit from the increase in property value when the infrastructure works are completed. In the near future, this will be an exciting living spot, attracting residents and will consequently come an increase in real estate prices. The Nine is opening up the most attractive living and investment opportunities in this area.


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