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The 9 Stellars

The 9 Stellars

The 9 Stellars

The 9 Stellars
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The 9 Stellars



The 9 Stellars is located at the heart of creativity, where it has all the necessary amenities for residents' lives as well as potential for investors. In addition, this is also a tightly planned area with high standards, adjacent infrastructure around The 9 Stellars project such as: New Eastern Bus Station, Metro station. These things not only help improve the quality of life of residents, but also contribute to creating a vibrant community with large commercial and shopping areas, attracting many tourists, shopaholics, becoming a tourist destination. new arrivals in District 9, Thu Duc City and contribute to the increase of real estate value for The 9 Stellars.

The 9 Stellars Quan 9 project is invested and developed by investor Son Kim Land. The project owns a prime location in the heart of District 9 (Thu Duc City - Next to the new Eastern Bus Station), and is also positioned to develop into a high-end segment. However, the products of apartments and townhouses at The 9 Stellar Son Kim Land Quan 9 project have good prices and are extremely competitive compared to the regional real estate market.

The 9 Stellars urban area project in District 9 has a total planning area of ​​16.4ha The project, after completion, is expected to provide the real estate market with 3000 apartments and shophouses + 800 villas. Along with that is a chain of top-class service utilities, bringing the most comfortable life for all residents of the project in the future.

The 9 Stellars Overview

  • Project name The 9 Stellars
  • Address: Hoang Huu Nam Street, Long Binh Ward, District 9, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Investor Ngan Thanh
  • Son Kim Land Development Unit
  • The scale of 16ha is divided into 2 phases
  • Product type Apartment, townhouse, commercial service…
  • Legal Long floor pink book (Vietnamese – Long term, Foreigner – 50 years)

The 9 Stellars Location

The 9 Stellars urban area project developed by Son Kim Land Group owns a unique location right in the center of District 9 - Thu Duc City (HO CHI MINH CITY). It can be seen that the complex of townhouses, villas, and apartments The 9 Stellars is located right in an area with a rapidly developing and completed transport infrastructure system, leading in the East of Saigon. From the project, thanks to infrastructure items such as: Eastern bus station; Metro station line No. 1; Hanoi highway; Belt 3; … can help residents easily move to areas faster than ever.

Because of this extremely favorable location, residents from the project will quickly come to a series of neighboring areas and existing utilities within a few kilometers such as: High-tech Park District 9; Technology Park in Dong Nai; hospital; golf course; Shopping mall; Park…

– About 500m from Hoang Huu Nam and National Highway 1A junction,
– Less than 3km from Hoang Huu Nam – Le Van Viet – Nguyen Van Tang junction
– About 4.5km from the overpass of Station 2 (intersection of Highway HN – NH1A).
– Next to Mien Dong New Bus Station in District 9
- Next to the university village
– Move to Thu Thiem only about 20 minutes
– Move to the center of Saigon about 15 minutes (By Metro Line 1)

The 9 Stellars Facilities

With the desire to create outstanding works, associated with real sustainable values for customers as well as the community. Therefore, all projects from the investor Son Kim Land always own a diverse and rich utility system with the best service ability for residents, and in the residential area of the complex. The 9 Stellars is no exception.

Typical local utilities - services in the heart of The 9 Stellars are as follows:

Gym, Yoga…
Outdoor sports field
Parks and promenades
Swimming pool overflowing;….
Children's playground
Luxury lobby
Sun lounge
Convenience supermarket

In addition to the internal facilities equipped by The 9 Stellars Investor - Son Kim Land for residents, the project also inherits from the regional infrastructure with a series of completed social security service utilities, Residents only need a few minutes to access and use such as: Vincom MegaMall Thao Dien; Vincom Thu Duc, District 9,… Australian International School (AIS); Vinmec International Hospital; Rach Chiec Sports Center;…

Đường dạo bộ The 9 StellarsHồ bơi tràn bờ tại The 9 Stellars

The 9 Stellars Overall landscape

Investor Son Kim Land has built and developed The 9 Stellars project with a total area of ​​about 16.5ha. It is expected to provide the real estate market with a total of about 3000 luxury apartments + 80 luxury villas.
Currently, the project is currently under construction phase 1 with a scale of 5.4 hectares, with a total number of products of 50 villas and 191 apartments in the high-end segment, bringing outstanding quality of life. Top amenities in the central area of ​​District 9.
According to the proposed plan, the project has two subdivisions, divided by 11th street as follows:
+ Subdivision 1: there will be a part of the existing facade about 7m wide, adjacent to Hoang Huu Nam road, the remaining frontage is adjacent to E3. Accordingly, this subdivision 1 owns two spacious fronts, bordering the 11th route. Right opposite of the project is the new Mien Dong bus station which is in the stage of implementation and construction.
+ Subdivision 2: The facade is adjacent to the 11th street.

Mặt bằng dự án căn hộ chung cư The 9 Stellars Quận 9 Đường Hoàng Hữu Nam chủ đầu tư Ngân Thạnh

The 9 Stellars design 

The design of The 9 Stellars project villa products has an area of ​​from 7x20m. With the model house is designed including 1 ground floor + 2 floors + 1 roof floor.

The apartments at The 9 Stellars with a variety of types from 1-3 bedrooms, an area of ​​50 - 110m2 are formed with high-class design style, spacious space, harmonious layout of apartments, close to nature Fresh nature, receiving natural sunlight and wind. With a variety of designs, optimizing space will help meet the maximum needs of customers.


The 9 Stellars Interior

The 9 Stellars of investor Son Kim land will equip the apartments in the project with basic finishing with full sanitary equipment and high-class furniture. All of these devices are from famous brands in the field of furniture such as: Halefe, Koler, Bosch, etc.

The system of materials discussed in the project includes: kitchen shelves; sink; high-grade tiles; modern laminate flooring; automatic water and electricity system; Multi-function doors with modern fire prevention features;… Therefore, when choosing to accompany Son Kim Land at The 9 Stellars, customers will fully enjoy the comfort from the smallest details.

The 9 Stellars Sales policy

According to official updates from investor SonKim Land as of January 15, 2021, the detailed expected selling prices of the products at The 9 Stellars project are specifically announced as follows.

– High-class apartment: From 2300USD/m2

– Adjacent villas – Premium Villas: From 5500$/m2

The roadmap for deployment and sales is specifically announced as:

– On January 16, 2021, The 9 Stellars officially received priority booking for the first sale (expected in the second quarter of 2021). Products launched for sale in phase 1 are deployed including nearly 200 apartments & 51 adjacent villas (Premium Villas).

Preferential policies for early booking customers are as follows:
– Booking in January, discount 5% of the value
– Booking in February, discount 3% of the value
– Booking in March, discount 1% of value

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