How to Organize your Kitchen

How to Organize your Kitchen

How to Organize your Kitchen

How to Organize your Kitchen

How to Organize your Kitchen
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How to Organize your Kitchen


In your home, the dining room and kitchen are the most frequented by people. The arrangement of the dining area is also a factor for visitors to the home to value the level of food hygiene and living of the owner. Therefore, homeowners need to have a way to arrange everything neatly, save space as possible. Each square meter of this area is always cleverly utilized to create a useful functional space.

Especially if you are renting the apartment in Ho Chi Minh and the kitchen space is the default, but you can still organize it according to your preferences to become more reasonable. JRE Vietnam wants to give you some smart but practical suggestions to help you make the most of each kitchen cabinet in a neat, clean, and beautiful cooking space of your family.



1. Sort and arrange the jars of cooking seasoning in a suitable area near the kitchen in the most logical and convenient way. We recommend that you place the label name of the spices on the lid of the jar so that it will not be confused when using it.



2. Store pre-packaged food or other dry foods in a sealed cabinet to keep food hygiene from contact with mice, cockroaches, insects, etc.



3. We advise you not to place the trash near the cooking and dining areas. You probably don't want to see flies, mosquitoes buzzing, and settling on your food. Or you can put the trash in the drawer of the kitchen cabinet. But make sure not to throw leftovers to them as this will create a bad smell in your kitchen over time.



4. Utilizing kitchen wall space as a storage space for utensils. Use hangers to hang pans, pots, fried tools, kitchen towels, ... to make the overall look tidy and easier to find.



5. Use the drawers as a drawer for knives, scissors, and sharp objects if your family has young children. Hanging knives on hangers can be found in many homes, but is quite dangerous for you and your children as well. In addition, the rest of the compartments we can use to hold small kitchen items, easily lost.



6. Use the space above the sink as a wet place to dry dishes. Taking advantage of this space saves you the time you can take the baskets to dry, and in addition, the water will fall into the sink, not splash on the floor.



7. Arrange door frames, vents, or balcony doors when cooking. Doing so will help reduce the greasy odors that linger in your home and make the air stuffy. And the other reason is fire from the stove needs oxygen to burn.



8. You also need to pay attention to add more eye-catching decorations for the kitchen. There are many ways to make the kitchen more beautiful, such as changing a new tablecloth, adding a flower vase placed in the middle of the dining table, attaching a wall clock, or repainting the kitchen cabinet ... But near the kitchen location should not be decorated. Too cumbersome because if you accidentally catch fire, these items will accidentally turn into flammable objects.



The kitchen represents your home and is a bond of your family. Decorate the smartest way to adorn your beautiful home.

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